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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Invisible Video

A quick update; several people have told me that the Smalltalk Solutions video of the Hopscotch demo is unhelpful, since you can't see the screen. I should have watched it before linking to it; I apologize. Since I was in the room during the presentation, I didn't think to watch it again. My bad. I've taken the link down. We'll produce a viewable demo for download and post it in th enear future. Again, apologies to to anyone who spent time downloading/watching the unwatchable.

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Unknown said...

Gilad, when I visit Room 101 I expect to be tortured. Reading white type against a doom-laden black background reduces my depth-of-field, causes my sight to blur and gives me a great excuse for not understanding what's written. But on return what do I find? All is light?! One itsy bitsy complaint from Matthew and you take away the pain. What about all us masochists out here? What about us??