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Monday, October 16, 2006

Why is this blog named this way?

Well, there's the obvious reasons of course. Apart from those, in a previous life I was required to attend JavaOne. I noticed that the room where they handed out goodies to speakers was numbered 101.

Apparently, no one found this disturbing. I guess they haven't come out with "The complete idiot's guide to Orwell for dummies in 21 days" yet.
In any event, I hope to find time to occasionally post thoughts about programming languages and platforms.


Burt said...

I'm curious, and I'm sure many others are too - what will you be working on now that you've left Sun?

Sophia Drossopoulou said...

The reason for the blog name is that you like the BBC show "room 101"



PS. Please, let the public know where you went after SUN

James said...

Hi Gilad...

so, the King is dead: long live Room 101.

(I'm tempted to make jokes about rat-oriented programming but I'm sure I shouldn't).

Calum and Norma said...

www.bracha.org/Site/Bio.html: "Gilad Bracha is a Distinguished Engineer at Cadence Design Systems."

Unknown said...

Will you have some time for StrongTalk now ? Or is your work done there ?

Unknown said...

Could we know why you left Sun?
What a pity ?

Unknown said...

Looks like Sun is encouraging its DEs to
look for other opportunites as it can
is not able to bear them :-) is that
correct ?
What are your thoughts on future of Java?

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